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Meiyo Buke (Mickey)

Large sized variety- Imported from Kochi Japan. Weighing 192 lbs (77Kgs)

Shaku1 is the premier website for information on the TOSA-INU breed of dogs. This web site is for people who are really interested in getting the best protection and friend for your family -- the TOSA-INU.

Let's share a short and informative history about the SHAKUHACHI IMPERIAL TOSA-INU.

General Information & Rankings Dogs used by the Japanese to Breed the TOSA-INU  
  The link between Sumo Wrestling and The Tosa-Inu  
  Typical Size Tosas for Fighting (Kochi City)  
  Tosa Ken & U.K.C. Standards  
  Tosa Breeders Kennel, Kochi, Japan  
Tosa Fighting Center Tosa Center - Fighting  
  Tosa Fighting Center - Stud Dogs  
  Post Fighting Ceremony  
  Tosa Fighting Center Puppies  
Japanese Grand Champions Yokuzuna Top Tosa Fighters  
 Shaku1 Breeding Truly Certified Tosa-Inu Imported from Japan  
  Brindle Tosa-Inu Video  
  2012 Next Litter  
  Adult Gallery  
  Shakuhachi Imperial Owners World Wide  
  2009 Shakuhachi Imperial Owners World Wide  
  2008 Litter-Sire & Dam Imported from Japan  
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  Show Gallery  
Tosa Trips Tosa Ken Dance Ceremony  
  Tosa Onagadori (Long-Tailed Cock)  
  Famous Tourist Sites in Tokyo Japan  
  Ryoma Sakamoto  
Tosa Fighting Association Mr. Sasaki, President  
  Best of Breed Tosa - Kochi City  
  Mr. Sasaki's Kennel  


Anyone interested in a Tosa-Inu as the premier ancient Japanese dog, is cordially invited to read these pages and educate themselve about the breed and the culture it originally comes from. Those who are interested in contacting us to acquire information about buying puppies or young adults should limit themselves to questions pertaining to the purchase of the particular animal of interest. Those questions related to the history and development of the Tosa as a breed, among other things, are answered in great detail at our website. It would be a loss of time and really defeat the purpose of displaying so much information on the internet, only to answer the same questions all over again during a telephone conversation. It is precisely with the intention of keeping long pointless conversations from forever repeating themselves and thus not leading to a purchase, totally void of any constructive value towards the purchase of a pure bred animal. Please keep yourself from the unfortunate experience of having a stern scolding for not reading the excellent information provided for your entertainment and canine related education.

Thank you. Sincerely - Shakuhachi Imperial Tosa-Inu


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